Not Coming to a Theater Near You   2008 in Review

2008 Readers Poll: The Best DVDs of 2008

Responses from Kevin Bannerman, David Bevans, Matt Carpenter, Dave Stewart, Mike Dempsey, Devin DiMattia, Tom Elce, Mark F., Sean Gill, Jonathan Hastings, G. Hess, Jason Hutt, Aundre Jacobs, Ryland Walker Knight, Diana Little, Jeremiah McNeil, Mike, Papageno, Johnny Price, Tom Roll, Eliza Rosenberry, Michael Joshua Rowin, Aaron Simler, Alejandro Spinach, Nicole Taupe, Nick Tinsley, Adam Whybray, Blake Williams, Gregory Zinman, & anonymous contributors


Adam Whybray
Bigger Than Life: Perhaps it was just the experience of watching it with my little sister

Blake Williams →
Baraka (Blu-Ray): Best-looking Blu-Ray disc ever released

Trafic (Criterion): Great presentation by a great company of a great film by a great filmmaker

Aundre Jacobs
Tropic Thunder blows the rest to shit!!!!

Mark F.
Zodiac (Director’s cut): I don’t have the eloquence nor the space here to do this film justice. The longer it gets, the better it gets.

The Wire: Just started season 5 so… no spoilers.

The Red Balloon: Finally brought myself to see it again for the first time since i was five years old. It was so traumatizing at first viewing (I hate bullies). Finally I am able to appreciate it for the wonderful and beautiful short it is.

Nick Tinsley →
Bottle Rocket: Long overdue Criterion edition, with a pristine transfer and a wealth of supplemental features.

Pineapple Express: Technically ’09, but it’s a tribute to the most obtuse, absurdist mainstream comedy of the year, with a massive amount of extras that entertain and illuminate.

Spaced: The Complete Series: Finally gets the Region 1 treatment, with brand new commentaries, and an exhaustive documentary, amongst many other things.

G. Hess →
Two-lane Blacktop: One always wonders what has become of these almost famous directors. Monte Hellman comes off like an uncle you never knew you wished you had. The interview with James Taylor was strangely riveting.

Alejandro Spinach:
You’ll get some remarks when they release “The State” on DVD





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