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31 Days of Horror VII

31 Days of Horror VII

October 2010 marks our seventh consecutive survey of the horror genre, its customary monsters, misconceived sequels, and genuine – if sparing – moments of terror. Our purpose with this feature was initially one of novelty, an attempt to broadly illustrate the gamut of what is dually one of cinema’s most innovative and derivative genres, expressed over the course of a single month. Seven years on, the novelty of our survey has proven consistent, but the volume of our coverage thus far – over one-hundred and eighty days of horror, to which we will now add over thirty more – speaks demonstrably to the depth, variety, and longevity of the horror genre.

Volume VII of 31 Days of Horror will proceed in much the same fashion as its precursors, and will be anchored by four sidebars published in tandem throughout the month. They are as follows:


The 90s Slasher Revival

by Victoria Large


Made-for-TV Monday

by Thomas Scalzo


Italian Nightmare Horror

by David Carter


Hammer Horror

by Leo Goldsmith and Rumsey Taylor

Herewith, please share in our enjoyment of one of our favorite cinematic genres, one that readily fosters discovery. As has become custom, the scare chords, second deaths, and pools of blood beyond the suspected capacity of the human body are all promised.

Please refer to this page during the month, as we tally each review, subgenre, and year of release.

Introduction by Rumsey Taylor


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