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Antoine Fuqua
USA, 2013

One of the nastiest action sequences in recent memory is the epic and bloody White House siege that takes up almost 15 minutes of the otherwise derivative Olympus Has Fallen. Not only does director Antoine Fuqua display a keen understanding of movement, directionality, and scope with this full-on assault of 1700 Pennsylvania Ave., he doesnít shy away from the inherent brutality and mass carnage of such an attack. It opens with separate pieces being moved into position Ė South Korean delegates arriving for a peace treaty, a C-130 dispensing two jet fighters with gatling gun fire, and a horde of seemingly innocuous tourists filing into position outside the Presidentís gates. Gerard Butlerís bored ex-Secret Service agent waits on the sidelines, squeezing a stress ball before the shit hits the fan. When chaos does reign, D.C. explodes into a massive shooting gallery with multiple fronts, culminating in the decapitation of the Washington Monument and a gruesome gun battle on the North Lawn. It’s a bloody chess match that engulfs the entire capital in mayhem.