Return of the Living Dead, Part II

Return of the Living Dead, Part II

Ken Wiederhorn

USA, 1987


Review by David Carter

Posted on 28 July 2004

Source VHS

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After seeing the first one on cable when I was 8 or 9, one of my goals in life was to see this sequel. Unfortunately, I was just as disappointed back then as I was when I recently watched it again. It’s just bad. It was basically a remake of the first one, set this time in a suburb without all of humor and most of the gore. It even had the two leads from the first film (Clu Gulager and James Karen) in different roles! A small boy playing outside finds one of the barrels from the first film in a drainage ditch, accidentally opens it and you know the rest. It has its moments, but ending is really dumb and goes against the science of Part I.

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